Day 5

I am on day 5 of my style challenge and I feel its going great and think it will only get better. It is making me think outside of the box and to really go through my closet. I am having to find piece that haven’t been worn in a while or not at all. Yes, I am only on day 5 so the though process it still a little on the easier side. I do feel its going to start to get a lot tougher by next week when part of my plan of doing this challenge was to try my hardest to not ware the same thing twice if I can. Yes, there will be some exception as jeans are different. Everyone including me have a couple of pairs that are loved so much that they get worn all the time. So yes I will most like be wearing my jeans more then once, and really who doesn’t.

if you haven’t checked out my outfits on instagram here are the ones from the past few days. I f you are on instagram and want to follow along or try my challenge yourself,  you can do so with the hash tag #MrsLongsStyleChallenge. I would love to see the outfits that you have styled and put together. And for those who are following along I have see some great pieces and cant wait to see the rest.


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Day 3 – Perfect Purples
Day 4 – Sunrise Surprise
Day 5 – Stripe of your Life


Bright Whites

As spring has finely arrive in the city of Toronto I feel the need to bring out my white pants. Yes I have been wanting to wear them all winter and I really should have as winter whites look amazing, I just didn’t have it in me. Well now I do and I have found my inspiration to do so.
As I was spending a little time pinning on one of my favorite sites (I may spend a little to much time on there.) I found some amazing outfits with white pants. One stood out at me, as if felt like I could recreate it as I had similar clothing in my closet and looks office appropriate.

This outfit was perfect for me to try and make it my own. Spring style at it finest I think so here is my recreation on how I have style a similar looking piece.





Outfit Details
Blouse: J Crew
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Geox

Necklace: Origami Owl
Bracelet: Made by Me! Mrs. Longs Lifestyle

Mrs. Long

Good Bye January!

Here are some of my favourite Instagram post from January.

Mix of prints,patters and colour!
Oh, and one of shoes that I wish I wore. ☺


Mrs. Long’s Lifestyle

Kyra Long

Last Week

I have been a little MIA these past couple of weeks and I feel that it may be the same this week as well. I always find the holidays not very relaxing and extremely busy. Between picking up last minute gifts, running around from house to houses to see family and cooking a family breakfast on christmas morning I found very little time to myself. I also would not have traded any of it for the joy I had with my family and the time we got to spend together.
To see the smiles on my boys faces when they woke up and got to find out what Santa had brought them for Christmas and the house we spends putting everything together brings so much happiness to me.
And now with the new year just around the corner it will be just as busy with the running around and I’m ready for it!
Christmas Eve Outfit:
Top: Stella Tweed – Winners
Jeans: DKNY
Shoes: JoJo
Necklace: Origami Owl & Toronto Jeweler (got my second L for christmas. Very excited to have an initial for each of my boys now)

Christmas Day:
Top: Dalia
Leggings: H&M
Necklace: Target Canada

A Wicked Night Out.

Friday night I went out with some girlfriends yo see the Broadway show Wicked. It was one of the best shows I have see. The writer did an amazing job on the story of the wicked witch of the west. It tied in very well with the movie the wizard of Oz. It was a great job by all. The preformers did a wonderful job and the sung beautifully. It is a for sure must see if you haven’t already!

For my night out I kept it very casual as it was a rush home from work and a rush down town.
Below is my casual night out outfit. It was great to have a girls night out and was a must need but I did miss my boys a bit once I left. 🙂




Top; Katie / Jeans; Forever21 / Shoes; Geox / Bracelets; Aldo / Necklace; bought years ago on a cruise

Kyra Long

Monday Morning

Monday morning and back to work. Who really likes Monday mornings, because I can tell you that I don’t. So hard to wake up and wishing I had one more day to somewhat sleep in. Most of all I don’t like the idea that I have 5 days till I get to spend the full day with my boys.
Well it’s back to the office for me and as It not as good as it used to be the count down is on till the weekend. 5 days to go!
Enjoy your Monday!



Blazer; Alfread Sung / Top; Max Studio I / Pants; Dynamite / Shoes; Attitude by Jay Manuel / Necklace; Aldo accessories

Kyra Long

Weekend Getaway!

I would like to thank some lovely ladies for putting together a bachelorette weekend get away. It was a day at the Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain where we relaxed and enjoys a much needed massage and some beautiful baths. It was a very relaxing morning.
After or morning at the spa we headed over to the Village where we checked in to the Westin Hotel to clean our selfs up for a nice dinner out. We ate at a delicious restaurant called Copper Blues in the heart of the villages. After dinner we end our night off in our suite with some fun & games, lots of wine spritzers and plenty of great conversations had by all. It was a night of celebration for a beautiful lady I will soon call my “Sister”. It was a wonderful weekend away!

To the spa I wore: Denim top: H&M / Leggings: Walmart / Shoes: True Religion /Scarf: Target Canada

To dinner I wore: Sweater: Winners / Jeans: Forever21 / Boots: Old Navy / Bracelets: Aldo / Necklace: Forever21

More pictures from my weekend away



Here is Thursdays work wear. I wish I could take better pictures but I’m finding the time quite difficult between juggling two kids, a job and a hobby (blogging) that I’m very interested in.
I would love some time to take some better pictures, but as I am my photographer and model and have two busy body’s around at all time is just not the easiest. I have tried to take some pictures once they have gone to bed it’s just the lighting is not on my side so this is what I have ended up with. I promise I will keep trying and find new ways to work/photograph.
If any one out there is going through the same thing as I am, I would love some ideas on how you balance your life/work/hobby and how you make it work.

Todays outfit:



Dress; charlotte russe / Shoes; thrift store buy / bracelets; Long’s Lifestyle.



Keeping it comfy and cool at work on this beautiful fall day!!!!!!




T-Shirt; Target Canada / Pants; Winners / Shoes; Holster (Australian brand) /
Necklase; online purchase

Kyra Long