Let’s Talk!

Today is bell let’s talk day. For every tweet, text, long distance call, or share on facebook Bell Canada will donate 5 cents towards mental health and mental illness.
“Talking is the best way to start breaking down the barriers associated with mental illness.”
It is something that we need to start talking about. We need to bing awareness so people with mental health can get the help they need and and have the freedom to talk about there problems with other people or for us to even show we are then for them if needed.
If you are with the phone company Bell please text away or make a long distance call to a friend. You never know they just may have needed that message or chat.
If you are not with Bell please tweet using the #BellLetsTalk as Bell will donate 5 cents when the # is used.

If you would like more information on Bell Let’s Talk please click on the link.

Let’s all help out tomorrow to bring awareness to mental health and mental illness. Let’s Talk!

Mrs. Long




Yesterday my husband and I were nominated to do the very viral ALS ice bucket challenge. We accepted, donated and have challenged 3 others to do the same.
This challenge is amazing at how viral it has become and how much awareness it has brought to wards this awful disease. The donations are coming in and more and more people are now aware of what it is and how it affects people living with it. To me is was important to be part of this awareness as I my cousins husband is living with ALS and to see and hear what them as a family has to go through.
I also found this great post on how another family thinks of the ice bucket challenge and felt I should pass it along for others to please read.

Bo Stern – what an ALS family really thinks.

I also want to share this video on how this challenge all started.
Pete’s Challenge

All I can say is please if you haven’t donated already to do so because every little bit counts.
ALS Canada or ALSA.org