Day 5

I am on day 5 of my style challenge and I feel its going great and think it will only get better. It is making me think outside of the box and to really go through my closet. I am having to find piece that haven’t been worn in a while or not at all. Yes, I am only on day 5 so the though process it still a little on the easier side. I do feel its going to start to get a lot tougher by next week when part of my plan of doing this challenge was to try my hardest to not ware the same thing twice if I can. Yes, there will be some exception as jeans are different. Everyone including me have a couple of pairs that are loved so much that they get worn all the time. So yes I will most like be wearing my jeans more then once, and really who doesn’t.

if you haven’t checked out my outfits on instagram here are the ones from the past few days. I f you are on instagram and want to follow along or try my challenge yourself,  you can do so with the hash tag #MrsLongsStyleChallenge. I would love to see the outfits that you have styled and put together. And for those who are following along I have see some great pieces and cant wait to see the rest.


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Wednesday’s Sparkle

Good Morning!
Today I am bringing some well maybe a lot of sparkle to my day. It’s a beautiful day in the city and I want to shine.
My sequin top is from Joe Fresh purchased about 4 years ago and I just love it. It is a great top that can be dressed up for a night out or casually worn as I am doing so today. And one of the best things about it is it washes well as I am not a hang to dry kind of gal. Lol! Have to say this top is one of my favorites!







Top; Joe Fresh / Shorts; Joe Fresh / Flats; Aldo / Necklace; Long’s Lifestyle
Bracelets; flea Market