Bright Whites

As spring has finely arrive in the city of Toronto I feel the need to bring out my white pants. Yes I have been wanting to wear them all winter and I really should have as winter whites look amazing, I just didn’t have it in me. Well now I do and I have found my inspiration to do so.
As I was spending a little time pinning on one of my favorite sites (I may spend a little to much time on there.) I found some amazing outfits with white pants. One stood out at me, as if felt like I could recreate it as I had similar clothing in my closet and looks office appropriate.

This outfit was perfect for me to try and make it my own. Spring style at it finest I think so here is my recreation on how I have style a similar looking piece.





Outfit Details
Blouse: J Crew
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Geox

Necklace: Origami Owl
Bracelet: Made by Me! Mrs. Longs Lifestyle

Mrs. Long


To be Thankful!

As I am Canadian I had my thanksgiving last month but I am still thinking of all of my American friends and how they were all celebrating yesterday.
I have many things to be thankful for starting with my family. I am very thankful for the family I have, for the family I have married into and for the family I have started. My parents have raised me well and have taught me the way of life and to them I am thankful for the my life I have. To my mother in law, she has welcomed me with open arms like a daughter of her own and has treated me the very best from the start. And to my husband, He is my best friend, my partner and the love of my life. He has been amazing to me since the day we met. We have traveled many places together and plan on going to many more. We all so started a family together and I could not be more thankful for that. We have borough into the world two amazing boys that I love to watch grow and learn each day. They are my life!
It is true what they say, being a momma is the best job in life and to that I am thankful!
I hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving weather it was yesterday or last month!


Joe Fresh Day

Good Morning,

Today I’m feeling a little fresh you could say as I’m wearing mostly Joe fresh’s clothing.

Both my maxi dress and cardigan are Joe Fresh Clothing. I love their clothing, its comfy, durable and affordable. As I am a busy mom of two active boys I need put everything in the washing machine and dryer and still have them last. Yes I am one of those ladies that dose not hang my clothes to dry. Joe fresh is one of those company’s that has durable clothing, machine washable and looks/wears great. Great clothing at a great price who can beat that!

Also who can beet one stop shopping for the whole family. My kids are usually dressed head to toe in Joe Fresh.

Here is what I’m wearing today, Black Maxi: Joe Fresh / Cardigan: Joe Fresh / Shoes; Zara / Necklace; Stella & Dot



2014-09-17 09.06.49