Day 5

I am on day 5 of my style challenge and I feel its going great and think it will only get better. It is making me think outside of the box and to really go through my closet. I am having to find piece that haven’t been worn in a while or not at all. Yes, I am only on day 5 so the though process it still a little on the easier side. I do feel its going to start to get a lot tougher by next week when part of my plan of doing this challenge was to try my hardest to not ware the same thing twice if I can. Yes, there will be some exception as jeans are different. Everyone including me have a couple of pairs that are loved so much that they get worn all the time. So yes I will most like be wearing my jeans more then once, and really who doesn’t.

if you haven’t checked out my outfits on instagram here are the ones from the past few days. I f you are on instagram and want to follow along or try my challenge yourself,  you can do so with the hash tag #MrsLongsStyleChallenge. I would love to see the outfits that you have styled and put together. And for those who are following along I have see some great pieces and cant wait to see the rest.


Day 1 – Style your Jewelry


Day 2 – Bright & Happy

Day 3 – Perfect Purples
Day 4 – Sunrise Surprise
Day 5 – Stripe of your Life


Style Challenge

As the month of May is here I am starting it off with a style challenge. It is my birthday month and I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

I have created a list that I feel will best challenge myself at trying new outfits, new pieces And bring out the a new me. My challenge this month is full of bright bold colours, as I love them but tend to stick to the grays and blacks as they are easy to pair and find in my closet. I have also added some prints and patters so I can take my self out of the neutral zone no solids. I also want to accessorize as much as possible.

This challenge may also want to take me out and do a little spring shopping as I may need to update my closet as some days I’m not so sure I have the outfit in there. and it hasn’t really been up dated in a few years as I tend to purchase more for my boys now then myself.

I hope this month of challenges starts off my 32nd year with new adventures, dreams and creations.

If you would like to see the outfits I will be putting together, follow me on instagram as that it where my creations will be displayed.

you can find me under the user name mrslongslifestyle and I will be using the #MrsLongsStyleChallenge

*Mrs. Longs May Style Challenge*

  1. Style you Jewelry                            17. Going Green
  2. Bright & Happy                                18. Feel Like a Queen
  3. Perfect Purples                               19. Feeling Nautical
  4. Sunrise Surprise                              20. Animal in You
  5. Stripe up your Life                           21. Hot Spots
  6. Pop Of Colour                                  22. Fearless Friday
  7. Leopard Love                                   23. Tomboy!
  8. Jewels & Jeans                                24. Blossom & Blooms
  9. Yogi Master                                      25. Beautiful Bows
  10. Blue Birds                                         26. A Maxi Must
  11. Top Knots & Polka dots                    27. Accessorize
  12. Peep Toe Party                                 28. Chambray Shirts
  13. Wednesday Whites                           29. It’s My B-Day so
  14. Pretty Pastels                                              Lets Sparkle!
  15. Denim Do’s                                       30. Garden Party
  16. Prints & Patters                                31. Cozy End!


Shrimp Tacos

One of this years New Years resolution is to eat better. It’s not like I’m a bad eater and have tons of junk all the time, it’s just I have some savory taste buds and love my salty foods. I feel if our family dinner this year start off healthy we will feel much better about our selfs and hopefully will start getting my children to eat more. (They are some picky boys so it makes it hard for me as the parent to decide what to make)
Last night dinner was some shrimp tacos. They turned out delicious and my family at least tried the. Lol!
The boys were not a fan of the shrimp but they did eat most of the taco.

What I used to make these were half a package of frozen shrimp, corn, tomatoes, red onion, avocado & lettuce.
To defrosted the shrimp and then cooked them in a little bit of coconut oil and fajita seasoning.
I cut up all the veggies and tossed them in a bowl. I also heated up the corn and tortilla wraps.
Once all was cooked I just topped it all together on the tortilla. And dinner was done. And easy yummy fix for the whole family.

I also cooked a little bit of rice as my kids love it.

Sorry not the greatest at describing how to cook as I’m not the greatest of chefs. I do try but if it’s going to take some time I may leave it for some one else to make 🙂





A colourful dinner is a good dinner!

Mrs. Long

Name Change on Bloglovin’

I had a little name change on bloglovin’ and though I would let all my followers know so you can keep up with all my post on there too.
And to all of you bloggers that have not taken the time to check out bloglovin’ you should do so! It is a great marketing tool for your blog and is used and seen by so many. I am a big fan of bloglovin’ and check it out all the time.

Below is my link if you would like to follow me on Bloglovin’.
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Mrs. Long

Good Buy 2014!

As the year comes to an end I start to reflect on the many things that I have done and accomplished this year. One of them is starting this blog and letting all of you in and getting to know a bit about me and the journey I am on.
This year has been quite the journey and sharing it with all of you I have enjoyed. I have watched my love for my two boys grow. I have gone back to work and I have tried to figure out a schedule on how to work full time and raise a family. I have to say it has not been the easiest but I am managing.
I still can’t believe that today is the last day of 2014. I do wish had done more this year and accomplish more things but that’s what I have next year for. I have started things and now I am on the road to finishing them.
I still haven’t quieted finished writing next years goals but I know I will have a few and I can only hope to accomplish them all.
I hope that you enjoyed 2014 as much as I did and I want to wish you all the best for 2015. Can’t wait to calibrate with friends and family tonight.
Happy New Year!!!

Kyra Long


To keep warm on cool September day I’m am brighting up my office outfit with a blazer from target. It’s a great piece is warm, comfy and stylish for a feels like fall morning. With my tea in hand I’m ready to start my day and enter the working world. “Good Morning Office, I’m ready for you” 😉
Keeping it comfy is how I’m going to make it through my day!






Blazer; Target Canada / Pants; J Crew / Tee; Company by Ellen Tracy / Necklace; Forever 21 / Shoes; Aldo


A little late!

As my family is getting into a routine, I have found a little time to share what I am wearing, well what I was wearing yesterday!
Here is my quickly put together office outfit that was done at 5 am for the my job that I’m still not ready to be back to.
Oh 5am work days, I’m just not a fan of you. Count down till the weekend….. 3days to go!!!!!!

Enjoy ;


Tee; Joe Fresh / pants; forever 21 / shoes; Zara


Summer Flowers

As I play in the back yard with my two boys a can’t help but notice my beautiful garden. To be able to look at these amazing blooms one last time before they are gone till next year makes me very happy. I’m not sure if I’m ready for fall but the cool night are telling me it’s coming. As I hold on for hope that we may have a few more weeks for heat I really think I’m kidding myself. So as I stare at the beautiful vibrant colors I am saying farewell summer, can’t wait till next year for all the wonderful memories your are going to bring and Hello fall! I am ready for your fashion!








My Boys!

These guys are my pride and joy. They fill my heart with so much happiness and keep me going every day. They are the busiest of boys that never stop and are on the move from sun up till sun down. These two love their sand, mud, dirt, water, trucks, trains, and cars. If it doesn’t move, have wheels, make noise, fly, or if it can’t dig they do not want anything to do with it.
Here are a couple of outfits that I find are durable for these two busy body’s because to me if they don’t wash well, they don’t wear them.
The clothing below is a mix of Gymboree, H&M, Joe Fresh, Osh Kosh, Roots kids, Target and The Children Place.