A Little About Me!

Hello, and Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Long’s Lifestyle. This blog is about whatever excites, inspires and fills my heart with joy!

Why I started to blog
I started this blog not to long ago because for the past couple of years I have been following so many amazing woman who have inspired me to creat, design and learn, and I would now love to do the same for others. It has taken me a while to finely build up the courage to start Mrs. Long’s Lifestyle as I’m not a writer and most likely have the worst grammar/spelling out there. So I am apologizing now for all the many mistakes you are about to read.

About Me

I was born and raised in Toronto and I love my city. There are so many amazing things to do and see here. One day I would love to be a tourist in my own city to really take everything in and see what Toronto really has to offer.
I am have been a wife for 5 years and a mother for 3. I have two beautiful boys ages 3 & 1. The men/boys in my life are everything to me and I love them all from the bottom of my heart.
At this time I am a stay at home mom so my job consists of many things from teaching to play sports, to cleaning and cooking and so much more. My day may also feel like it never ends because it’s no 9-5 but I love what i do and i wouldn’t change being a mom for anything in the world. Wearing as many different hats that I do throughout my day always keeps me going and my days are never the same. I love every minute of it!

I have a love for fashion! I love everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, and you name it I will most likely love it. I have always loved the latest trends and styles out there. I have to say I have been the greats at keeping up with them these past few years and it not because I haven’t wanted to, it is more because I now have others i have to look after and buy for.

My other love is traveling. I have done some but not a lot. I would love to see the world one day but it is hard now that our family income is tight at the moment. We are always thinking of going away but it more to closer family friendly places. One day i wish for my boys to see the world and hope that it can happen as a family and if not I hope for them to do it on their own.

And that’s a little about me!

Kyra (2)

Kyra Long


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