Fridays Favorite!

Today I’m wearing my favorite color turquoise! I love this color because it reminds me so much of the beautiful outdoors. It makes me think of the ocean, the beach, clear blue skies and hot Sumer days. All the things I love about being outdoors. This color makes me happy and when I pass it I have a hard time passing it up.
These shoes were a great buy not only do I love the color of them, they were on sale and end up picking them up for $10! Yes, a great buy for me as I am a woman who dose not often wear heels. Not really buy choice as I love them and would wear them more often if I could. Just being a mom to my boys flats and runners are just the more practical way.
Enjoy todays outfit!




White tee; H&M
Boyfriend Jeans; Joe Fresh (yes these are my go to summer jeans. Have not found a more comfortable pair)
Shoes; urban planet
Zipper necklace; vintage
L Necklace; husband purchased it from a small jeweler
* the “L” stands for my boys names.



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