Today I am wearing a dress I picked up at winners. Oh how I love winners, great names at a great price! Not to mention I live with in walking distance to one. Not the greatest of moves as I am there more often then I would/should be. Lol!
I love this dress for the bright coral color it is and the great detail around the neckline. It adds so much to this cute not so simple summer dress. And the back has great detail to. (Taking your own photos does not work so well with back detail. Wish I could have shown you).
As I take in my last few days of summer I’m going to enjoy as many summer outfits as I can.







Dress; Winners / Sandles; Jessica Simpson / bracelets; Aldo

Kyra Long


Wednesday’s Sparkle

Good Morning!
Today I am bringing some well maybe a lot of sparkle to my day. It’s a beautiful day in the city and I want to shine.
My sequin top is from Joe Fresh purchased about 4 years ago and I just love it. It is a great top that can be dressed up for a night out or casually worn as I am doing so today. And one of the best things about it is it washes well as I am not a hang to dry kind of gal. Lol! Have to say this top is one of my favorites!







Top; Joe Fresh / Shorts; Joe Fresh / Flats; Aldo / Necklace; Long’s Lifestyle
Bracelets; flea Market


Weekend Away

Once a year the family and I head north to just outside of Orillia for “Family Fun Weekend”. Is where my husbands family all gets together for a weekend of fun at his brothers cottage. It alway end up turns out to be a great time and so much fun for everyone. The kids get to enjoy running around and be free all weekend as the adults get to catch up as we don’t get to see each other that often.
As I am heading north for the night this is what I have planed to wear for the weekend.


Tank; Cynthia Rowley / Shorts; Garage / Swimsuit; Winners

Tank; Joe Fresh / Pants; Target Canada / Sweater; Winners / Shoes; Jessica Simpson


Fridays Favorite!

Today I’m wearing my favorite color turquoise! I love this color because it reminds me so much of the beautiful outdoors. It makes me think of the ocean, the beach, clear blue skies and hot Sumer days. All the things I love about being outdoors. This color makes me happy and when I pass it I have a hard time passing it up.
These shoes were a great buy not only do I love the color of them, they were on sale and end up picking them up for $10! Yes, a great buy for me as I am a woman who dose not often wear heels. Not really buy choice as I love them and would wear them more often if I could. Just being a mom to my boys flats and runners are just the more practical way.
Enjoy todays outfit!




White tee; H&M
Boyfriend Jeans; Joe Fresh (yes these are my go to summer jeans. Have not found a more comfortable pair)
Shoes; urban planet
Zipper necklace; vintage
L Necklace; husband purchased it from a small jeweler
* the “L” stands for my boys names.



It’s another grey day in the city and I’m not feeling to colorful. The outfit I have put together is showing everyone my mood and how I’m feeling, a little dull with a crazy pattern. Guess I should be used to this as August has been more grey and cool then sunny and hot.
The only thing exciting about my outfit today is my necklace. I have had it for 5 years now and purchased it on a cruise ship when my husband and I got married. I have loved this piece of jewelry ever since the day I saw it. It’s just one of those piece to me that will always be my go to accessory.
Well here is what I’m wearing today!






Top; Zara / Jeans; forever21 / Shoes; Just Fab.


Yesterday my husband and I were nominated to do the very viral ALS ice bucket challenge. We accepted, donated and have challenged 3 others to do the same.
This challenge is amazing at how viral it has become and how much awareness it has brought to wards this awful disease. The donations are coming in and more and more people are now aware of what it is and how it affects people living with it. To me is was important to be part of this awareness as I my cousins husband is living with ALS and to see and hear what them as a family has to go through.
I also found this great post on how another family thinks of the ice bucket challenge and felt I should pass it along for others to please read.

Bo Stern – what an ALS family really thinks.

I also want to share this video on how this challenge all started.
Pete’s Challenge

All I can say is please if you haven’t donated already to do so because every little bit counts.
ALS Canada or


My Boys!

These guys are my pride and joy. They fill my heart with so much happiness and keep me going every day. They are the busiest of boys that never stop and are on the move from sun up till sun down. These two love their sand, mud, dirt, water, trucks, trains, and cars. If it doesn’t move, have wheels, make noise, fly, or if it can’t dig they do not want anything to do with it.
Here are a couple of outfits that I find are durable for these two busy body’s because to me if they don’t wash well, they don’t wear them.
The clothing below is a mix of Gymboree, H&M, Joe Fresh, Osh Kosh, Roots kids, Target and The Children Place.





Feels like Fall!

Today I woke up and the weather was feeling a lot like fall out. The sun was shinning It was just very cool and windy. (14 degrees is just not summer weather to me.) With it being the middle of August I was not so happy with it being so cool out as I’m still waiting on a hot summer. I am starting to think that these hot summers we are used to are just not coming this year. Guess it’s time to star thinking about fall fashion with the hope that it’s going to be a warm one.
For today’s outfit I have pulled out the neutral colours.


Top; Katie
Jeans; forever 21
Flats; mix
Necklace; vintage



Wednesday Hump Day!

Picking perfect blues for today’s outfit!
It’s another grey day in the city and a little bit on the cooler side so I have pulled out the blues. Maybe it’s how I’m feeling on the inside knowing that it getting closer and closer to the end of summer and that fall is just around the corner.


Shirt; dynamite
Jeans; Joe Fresh
Shoes; Geox
Necklace; online purchase.



Pretty Shades of Pink

Today’s Outfit.

Keeping it cool in a long flowing Maxie, beaded necklace and gold sandals this Sunday morning.


Maxie dress; UK 2 LA.
Necklace; Stella & Dot
Sandals; Jessica Simpson (few years old)