So our weather here in Toronto has not been the summer weather that we are used to. I was really hoping for an extremely hot summer after the freezing cold winter we had but it has just not been in the cards this year.
I am feeling a little excited today that we are finely getting some warmer weather where I can put on some cute shorts and roll up my sleeves to go to the park in. So excited I feel like sharing my outfit due to how happy I am to waring shorts. I have been waiting for this all week.
Thank you Mr.Sun for coming out today and letting us play.


Today’s summer outfit
Top: American Eagle, Shorts: Target Canada, Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider



Pirate Party!

It is my son’s 1st birthday on Tuesday so we decided to give him a pirate party for him and all our family to enjoy. It was a lot of hard work but in the end it was a compleat success! Everyone had a great time and the weather was on our side as turned out to beautiful. Hot and sunny like we were hoping for so all the kids to enjoy the out doors. My husband and I were also a little worried with having 50 people in our house. It would have been a tight squeeze.
Here are a few pictures of my DIY party decorations that took me a few nights to complete.
(Sorry for the poor quietly in pictures. Taken from my phone that is in desperate need to be updated)